Spigot Custom Join Message 3.0

Customize join message and effects with a permission based system.

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    Mineplex Join Message - Mineplex Vip join

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  2. A bit more documentation on how to implement your own groups would be nice ;) But other wise great plugin,
  3. Would be nice if you could add your own groups and permissions. But overall, great plugin!
  4. no function os bukkit 1.8 no config folder created
  5. Tomorrow i upload the plugin with fix :3

    Thanks :)
  6. Thanx i would like to try
  7. if there is no config folder you can create a new folder in plugins folder then named MineplexJoin, open plugin file MineplexJoin.jar with WINRAR and extract config.yml file into MineplexJoin folder Now you have a config file (it is option or wait he update the plugin)
  8. We update the plugin now :)
  9. Hai aggiornato il plugin?
  10. Perchè non ci metti più tipi di gruppi e poi non usi i titles epoi magari potresti metterlo a 5 euro no?
  11. No, a pagamento no visto che molti rompono.

    Tra poco arriva l'aggiornamento.

    wait for a while for an update :)
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  12. It doesn't broadcast the message I gave them the perm too. It's not saying the message.
  13. Awesome job! Thanks for update! BUT!! it's still not working....
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  14. :( hopefully theres a fix soon :D
  15. Maybe it is a yaml formatting errir. Look at the config if there is something out of order
  16. it literally just spams the error when u first join, after loading the plugin for the first time. I have not touched the file once.