Spigot Custom Join Message 3.0

Customize join message and effects with a permission based system.

  1. i think it will become perfect...:))
  2. great but can you make if player.isOp() to return because if player is op it spams messages
  3. I can confirm this ^ Everything else seems to be working great though :D
  4. Still getting the same error as before :(
  5. it's a no-go for me
  6. Yep! no go for me either... Come on PoppaProntoTeam, clear up this mess.

    Those of you guys that have it working did you do anything to the config file? If so pleas lets us know what you did.
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  7. come on we are waiting for you.......
  8. It doesnt seem to work on 1.8? I would love to rate this plugin 5/5, and my server would love to use it and support it, but it doesnt work on Spigot 1.8 sadly :(
  9. Update ! pls
  10. I too am unable to run this plugin, unfortunately.
    When I first ran it, I got the error about unacceptable character.. Being quick on my feet, I noticed the main page of this plugin has the config.yml right there in the front and noted there was no coloring, so I copy/pasted that into the config.yml and restarted.. Didn't get that error after doing that (YEAH!!) but when anyone joins, I get the other error everyone else seems to be getting (about the "Could not pass event PlayerJoinEvent to MineplexJoin v1.0 org")

    I am running spigot 1.8.3, on java 8.60 Centos. Help/Update?
  11. I do not work and I'm using version 1.8.9