Custom join/quit messages for specific groups

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  1. Hello! I'm pretty new to the plugins stuff, so bear with me. Right now, I have all the Essentials plugins downloaded (the ones we're talking about right now is EssentialsChat and EssentialsGroupManager). Here's the thing, on Essentials config.yml it says I can make custom join and quit messages. The only thing I want to know is that I want that to be available only for a specific group, e.g. Owner. I want it to be like this:

    [OWNER] ComboTombo&f has joined. &4Beware&f, rule breakers!

    Now, where do I post this, and what should I write?
  2. I'm not familiar with Essentials Chat, never used it. I reccommend ChatControl, works great.
  3. DavidDevelops


    Don't use essentials use essentialsX, Also Groupmanager is outdated too, use pex (permissionEX) or luckyperms, I don't quite remember if there is a way to do this with essentials, As above chatcontrol should have this feature, But please do change to essentialsX as essentials stopped being updated
  4. Can I make it so that only my staff members (Owners, admins, senior mods etc) would have the join/quit message enabled?
  5. So now I just delete all of my essentials plugins, and replace them with one single plugin? Or do I remove "Essentials", replace it with EssentialsX and keep all the other Essentials plugins (Chat, Spawn etc) on?
  6. I just visited EssentialsX's GitHub page, and there's loads of files. Which one should I download?
  7. DavidDevelops

    That comes with all the things essentials comes with (No GM as its outdated use pex or luckyperms as I said)
  8. Alright. I'll remove all essentials and download this file. Ty man!
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    No problem glad I could be of help!!