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  1. Hey there does anyone know were i can get a custom biome map that has no oceans or jungles the map must 10k x 10k i do not want to use any kind of plugin that generates the world unless it's done by someone who knows what they are doing and i am willing to pay $10 - $30 if this can be done
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    This is going to cost hundreds if you want it world painted or something.

    Otherwise, learn how to use TerrainControl.
  3. thats lies because i have custom map now and it only cost me $20
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    10k by 10k?

    Go to service and recruitment and look at the Terraformers there. Never seen a map that size for less than hundreds.

    If you just want to remove jungles and oceans tho, that may be only like 15 bucks. Heck, just download terrain control and do it yourself.
  5. For a 10kx10k map you will need to pay at least 80$ for a map for basic quality.
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  6. i have a customMap, whit spawners, dungeons, and more, The dimensions are between 5000 and 7000 blocks, if you are interested, contact me by private message and we can reach an agreement