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Discussion in 'BungeeCord Help' started by azote, May 28, 2016.

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  1. hello, i've a little question, i want to custom the messages 'could not connect to default of fallback server..' i think it's a bungeecord message, i don't know how to modify it..

    could you explain to me how to do that ? thanks
  2. Rename bungee jar to a .zip
    extract it
    save it
    compress it
    rename the .zip
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  3. Just open the .jar with winrar, edit the with notepad++, save it. And import it to the .jar
  4. ssamjh


    This is a much better way than renaming the bungeecord file.
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  5. Yes, true

  6. But you have to install winrar, my way will work on windows without winrar
  7. Everybody uses winrar of this time Xd
  8. ssamjh


    Or 7zip
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  9. 7ZIP requires you to extract the file, edit it, then drag it back in whereas WinRAR has a editable copy when you open it.
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  10. Somewhere you can download a that you can drop into the folder with the config file and you can edit it there
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