Custom or Premade?

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  1. So, I have had thought's of starting up my own server, and I am wondering.
    What do you all believe to be the best way to go? Have everything custom? Or have Premade plugins with custom plugins?

    The server game mode I am planning to do is survival - but enhanced with a few of my *creative* ideas.
    So leave your response down below. And also, what you would want to see in a "preferred" server.

    - iCodinqs
  2. Custom is a good way to go if you have more than enough money, but really there are more than likely multiple plugins which do exactly what you want and more, and even have such an amazing configuration that it's basically impossible to know that you're using a public plugin.
    So really, public plugins are a good way to save some money
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  3. Well, I am a custom plugin developer, so it wouldn't really cost me much to make plugins. Though I would say It would take me a while, therefore I could get a helping hand
  4. Survival can be done mostly without custom plugins, plugins like TokenEnchant, GriefPrevention etc. will help you, but it depends on your creative ideas ;)
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  5. Im looking to sponsor a unique survival server. please message me on discord at Fox#2227 if you are interested.
  6. Custom is best
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  7. General rule: if you don't have to reinvent the wheel, don't do it. Save time.

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  8. While public is a more efficient way to go, I prefer custom.

    I am probably a bit biased because I am starting a server as a single developer and am programming EVERYTHING that the server will use (Except for spigot) because in my opinion, it's more fun, it looks more professional, and lastly, it looks more original.

    For example, I'm making a server with a floors-style game, where you have to complete a floor to continue. I could, if I really wanted to, use a currency plugin, or a teleport plugin, or a prisons plugin (The progression part works almost the exact same way) but nah, it's better in my opinion, to make them custom.
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  9. While everyone says that fully custom is the way to go, I can tell you from experience that it isn't.
    1) It is extremely time consuming to make everything.
    2) You will have to leave tons of room for expandability or you will be fucked over in the future. I basically made an 'api' for every single thing I did on my second attempt for this reason.
    3) there are already plugins that exist that will do what you want to do + more for free/low price. It just makes life easier. If you really need to have custom features, you could always ask the author for the src and expand on it.
    4) As said before, if you are good at configuring you can make it seem like everything is custom anyway.
    5) why? Just why? So far, everyone who I have talked to who wanted my help with a completely custom server have said that their want to do it for either:
    A - Bragging rights
    B - to show off how rich they are
    C - to feel powerful as if they own something that nobody else in the world does

    Tldr; don't go fully custom

    Keep in mind this was written assuming you will be coding the whole thing yourself.
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