Custom Permission Nodes Plugin Price Estimate

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Durzan, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. Okay, so lets say that I need a plugin whose entire purpose is to allow me to define a custom permission node which acts as a parent node to the permissions listed below it... without having to define it in the bukkit default permissions.yml. It should function similarly to the bPermissions file custom_nodes.yml... but be a separate plugin.

    The file should look something like this...

    And if I put custom.node under a group... say in PEX, it should grant all the permissions listed under it.
    Obviously, this plugin should be able to tie into vault, and should be compatible with PEX and other permission plugins. This plugin would help declutter my poor old PEX file, and help me organize permissions a tad bit better.

    In-game commands wouldn't be too necessary, but would be a nice bonus.

    Do you guys understand what I am theoretically asking for?

    Is this even possible? If so, what would be the estimated cost, or could it be made for free? How long would it take to code?
  2. Look, this section is for people looking for help with making plugins. so your in the wrong section, use the servicesand rectruitment forum.

    (ill PM you some info on this anyway though)
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