Custom permission selector

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  1. Hi there!
    I am seeking Something very Strange, that can help me alot,
    I am seeking a plugin that is able to choose random permissions,
    this way:

    when i make a new kit in the paintball plugin, it will select that to,
    cause it has the permission Paintball.kits.newkit
    cause it has the 2 first words: PaintBall.Kits
    it wil give a random next permission,

    I need this for a "soul-Wheel" like feature,
    cause if i should write
    it has a chance to choose


    it would be EXTREMLY helpfull if u know a plugin/add-on/feature in pex that can do this (or Something that comes close to this)

    ~I use pex

    Thx AnimalMace
  2. bump, just tells me if it doesn't exist (yet) :3
  3. This definately doesn't exist.
    Hire a developer to make it. :p
  4. Ok, thank u for ur reply!
    i'll maybe hire yeah :3
  5. Pm me with sufficient information and I'll do that for you.
  6. If you want this custon plugin contact me ^°
  7. how much would it cost? (if i am able to ask)? :3
  8. Nada.
  9. thats perfectly enhough! :D
    i'll PM you