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Bug Custom Player Heads Not Working Correctly

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by little_dude187, Aug 13, 2014.

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  1. Hey guys i have a small bug/situation,

    i would type the command to give me a custom player head like Notch for example and when i tryed to place it down it showed but when i put it on myself (on my head) it shows steve. Now I try using normal craftbukkit and its on my head and it works. So i kinda need help cause i really like putting custom heads on my own head lol ^^ thanks!!!! :D
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  2. Place it, wait for convert, then break it, now dropped head will work fine.
  3. is there another way so i dont have to do that? and i will try that

  4. it didnt work i put the custom head on my head and its still steve
  5. Then something is interfiering with head data.
  6. Might help: This happened as soon as the 1.7.6-1.7.10 UUID updates took place.
  7. how is this gonna help me?? downgrade to 1.7.2 spigot
  8. maybe i have an idea i will make a server 0 plugins and see if it works
  9. ok i attempted it and nothing. i guess its the UUID
  10. It will help anyone who plans on fixing it in the code.
  11. ill just deal :(
  12. Take a look at Heads Inventory, a plugin I made. It is indeed true that the obvious way to get this functionality is patched, but Heads Inventory is still able to get these custom skinned heads (both current player heads AND non player heads from the heads database: heads.freshcoal.com)
  13. Maybe download Essentials and use the /skull command.
  14. The next update will feature a free lite version and a 30 day trial for the full version
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