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  1. I made my own custom plugin for a MCPROHOST server and I installed my plugin which is just the plugin.yml and the java file it self. It doesn't recognize it and I was wondering what went wrong.
    Any help?
    The plugin was made in spigot 1.8.8 and tested it out on my own free server and worked fine.
  2. Maybe you made your plugin in Java8 and the server is on Java 7.
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  3. Thanks
  4. He'd get a major.minor exception, then.

    Post the directory listing of the jar and the plugin.yml
  5. When I first started making plugins I had the same thing happen. They would work just fine on my localhost server, but when I uploaded them to the real server, they wouldn't load. No errors, no anything. I eventually figured out that it was because my host was using Java 7 and I had compiled the plugins in Java 8. I installed Java 7 alongside 8 and set Eclipse to use Java 7.

    When it happened to me I got no error messages at all. That was just my experience anyway.
  6. Rename your spigot jar to custom18.jar, and update that in MCPro's advanced properties

    (((Dont rate rhis 'funny', it works with MCPro -.-)))
  7. I fail to see how changing the name of the jar would modify the behavior of a plugin.
  8. It's MCPro's way of doing things... dont ask me how it works xD
  9. It literally makes zero sense.
  10. Well it works
  11. image.jpeg
  12. Did you use eclipse to code your plugin?
  13. You don't need to install Java 7 and Java 8, you can set the compliance level to Java 7 with only Java 8 installed and that project would be compatible with Java 7. Installing old JDKs is useless
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  14. Hey, that's good to know! Thanks!