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  1. Hello Spigot!

    I'm currently working on a custom core for my test server where I just practice to code and I'm trying to make a custom /plugins command due to I don't want the orignal text to show up when a player runs the /plugins message.

    So, what I'm trying to do is when you run /plugins a custom message will show up instead of spigots original message when you run the /plugins command. Is there any way to make this?

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    Just create it like you would any other command. It will override the default command.
  3. You can Listen for the PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent, check if the command is /plugins, cancel it if so and send your custom message to the player
  4. Yes, there is an event that you override the /plugins command.
    The event is called PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent.
    To override the command use it like this:

    Code (Java):
    @EventHandler(priority = EventPriority.LOWEST)
        public void onCommandPreProcess(PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent event) {
            String[] cmd = event.getMessage().split(" ");
            if(cmd[0].equals("/plugins")) {
                if(cmd.length > 1) {
                    // Do stuff with args where cmd[1] is the new args[0] of commands
                } else {
                    // Do stuff that runs only when player uses /plugins (without args)
  5. Are you sure about this? Just tried this out and /plugins don't execute the code. If I enter /myplugin:plugins; that will only execute the custom command.
  6. Code (Java):

    package com.fighter.Listeners;
    import org.bukkit.ChatColor;
    import org.bukkit.entity.Player;
    import org.bukkit.event.EventHandler;
    import org.bukkit.event.Listener;
    import org.bukkit.event.player.PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent;
    public class CustomPluginsCommand implements Listener {
        public void onCustomPlugins(PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent event) {
            Player player = event.getPlayer();
            String message = event.getMessage();
            if (message.equals("/plugins")) {
                if (!player.hasPermission("customplugins.permission")) {
                    player.sendMessage(ChatColor.GREEN + "Plugins: 0");
                } else {
    EDIT: If doesn't work then sorry, NOT tested!
  7. Thanks everyone! I got it working with the PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent event :)
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