Custom Portals Plugin

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Lightlyrow, May 25, 2015.

  1. Hello,

    I need to know what plugin I can get for a irregular portal plugin?
    It needs to be able to support non rectangular portals so that it will fit into my hub server portal thing.
    It should fit into these portals: [​IMG]
    The space for the portal blocks is the black coal blocks thing.
    And it needs to have Bungeecord support or at least integrate a server to server portals plugin.
  2. Try "BungeePortals" or "Janus." I've used both in the past and both work well.
  3. geSuitePortals but BungeePortals is the best
  4. That's a good idea !
    There are not enough gate portal plugins...
  5. bungee ones or what?
  6. What I need is a plugin that lets you have custom shaped portals, not a portal teleporting plugin. But a plugin that is compatible with the custom shaped portals would be good.