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  1. Hey guys,

    I have been looking around recently for a Prison Mine Plugin that replaces a certain build I have made with the ores for the mine. Say for example I have a mountain, and this mountain is made entirely of sponge. I can select a region around the mountain and tell the plugin to only replace the sponge for me. Is there such a plugin around and if so, can someone please point me in the right direction?

    Thank-you guys so much :D
  2. i was also looking for this, but i dont think there is a plugin for that. Worldedit should release a //select (block) command
  3. I have seen a plugin like this in use, problem is the server that was using it recently shut down. Anymore suggestions?
  4. I'm actually making the exact same thing for another client. May release it as a paid resource at their discretion ofc.
  5. Also kaas you could easily use //replace, the problem is the need for a plugin that can do it automatically.
  6. Thats a possibility, but I want something that I would be able to change on the fly, hence the need for a fully operating prison plugin.
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  8. Is there still no solution for this?
  9. You could try paying someone to make it for you
  10. This sounds like MineResetLite to me