Custom Random Chest Restock

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  1. Plugin category: Admin

    Suggested name: RandomRewards

    What I want: I would like to create daily free items in chests specified by the admin, e.g, every day, the items wouldrandomly (if possible I think this feature should be optional, instead of random, they could list of what it would change to and it could perhaps go in a loop once the end of the list reached) change to new things under a certain rarity customized by the admin (for example, if you only want low level items like potions or sticks or weak armor and don't want something rare like a diamond sword to spawn in there), and can also be permission based so that people with certain ranks can access certain chests. Also if you could be able to name the chests, possibly complied with Holograms or something of that nature, custom permission and other plugin messages, one time per player limit and obviously a timed reset if you want it to be longer or shorter then a day for the chest to reset with random items.

    I want a plugin like this for my server so that players can come back each day and get a free and fresh thanks for their loyalty.

    Ideas for commands: /c or /chest create (name) (rarity: 1-4 (4 being the rarest)) (length of which it takes to reset (in minutes or days), /chest remove (name), /chest disable (name), /chest ban {player} (if you don't want someone accessing the chest, good for punishment or revoking access), /chest createmessage (chest name) (messagename) (message) when opened a message pops up either in chat or title, /chest removemessage (messagename), /chest list (lists all created chests per world)

    Ideas for permissions: chest.use (allows players to use chests), chests.use.(rarity amount 1-4) used for allowing players to access advanced chests, chest.create (admin perm), chest.remove(admin perm), chest.disable (admin perm), chest.ban(admin perm), chest.bypass(special perm) bypasses time and usage limit

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible but life gets in the way so whenever possible.
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