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  1. Hey, I am trying to load custom sounds from a resource pack. Here is the download link to it:

    My JSON file code is:
    Code (Text):
      "oof": {
        "category": "master",
        "sounds": [

    In my plugin code itself, I called this method in the PlayerJoinEvent:
    Code (Java):
    And the code I used to play the sound is this:
    Code (Java):
    player.playSound(player.getLocation(), "oof", 10, 1);
    This code runs when I type a command, and yes the command works, i have a message that it also sends as well. Can someone please let me know what I'm doing wrong? Also, I ran a check to see if it was downloading by using the PlayerResourcePackStatusEvent, at first, it successfully downloaded, but when I tried again, it failed? What is wrong with my link and how do I make a compatible direct link. Thanks in advanced!!
  2. It isn't a direct link. Use another file host like your website or find the direct link in github if it exists

    Edit: Don't use this method instantly in PlayerJoinEvent: use a delayed task to call player#sendResourcePack
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