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  1. Hi I own a bungeecord server and I want a plugin that customizes /server if you know one plz let me know and if you would like to recommend plugins for bungeecord let me know thx for reading

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  2. Easy, like stealing candy's from a baby!
    1. Fork BungeeCord
    2. Edit the messages..ect)
    3. Compile using maven
    4. And done! test and enjoy what you just added/edited.

  3. what fork bungeecord mean
  4. I think he ment decompile it and edit it :D
  5. Just open the jar with winrar and edit the

    Edit: Oh you wanted /server custom message. Well, that'll be hard.
  6. I got a way to make this a lot easier, here are the steps:

    1>> Go to the link,

    2>> Click on Bungeecord.jar, and once you click that it will be automatically downloaded to your browser

    3>> Now that it's a Bungeecord.jar file, rename the file to file

    4>> Once it's, unzip the file and find

    5>> Edit your messages then after you've edited your messages, save the file

    6>> Now copy the completed file (with the same name)

    7>> Put the file in your Bungeecord (Proxy) server file

    8>> Restart your Bungeecord (Proxy) and you're done!

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  7. You can open it when it's just a jar.
  8. I don't know how to do it that way, so I'm just showing how I did it my way.

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  9. a bungee side plugin called BungeeMessages already gave you a way to edit it......
    just simply search it