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    Custom Skin Manager - Change skin from custom image

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  2. Is there any database where plugins are stored?
    i mean, would be good to have so i could download some skins and set permissions for each and only players with right permission would be able to use the skin..

    Maybe add gui, it would be amazing.
    Offline and online mode support
  3. really? no answer?!
    thanks anyway
  4. I am sorry, there was a lot to do. On your proposal, I think, quite interesting, but difficult to implement. Because players and so can install the same skin as you put, changing a couple of pixels. The work of the plugin on servers with online and offline mode was checked, it works. The GUI added in last update.
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  6. Can have cape?
  7. For skins from url the cape never will not supports. But skins from name will be support capes in next release
  8. Can use the capes from a player name but the skin is custom?
  9. Its not possible. Skin signature will not allow it to be done
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  10. look like nice but can you add 1.8 / 1.9 support?
  11. Without bungeecord the plugin must be work on 1.8. But i dont planned add full support for 1.8 or lower.
  12. why you dont planned add full support for 1.8 or lower. ?
  13. Most servers on version 1.10 or newest. You can use 1.12 vervion and add support 1.8 with ProtocolSupport.
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  14. Very sadly((((( Ok(
  15. This plugin look like amazing. Is it possibl to add 1.8 1.9 version?