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  1. Hey everyone!
    So here is my thing: I want to create a custom spigot version (I don't want to fork the project nor using patches) to add methods and new internal-implemented features, could someone help me? Also, I'm using Eclipse for Java developing.
  2. Just get the Source or decopile and make your changes and compile and thats it
  3. I know that, but how exactly? I also know that we get the source with BuildTools, but to compile it, nope
  4. Use Maven to compile (which is also what BuildToola does)
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    Why wouldn't you want to create patches? You're giving yourself a lot more work if you plan to maintain the entire project by yourself with no influence from the regular updates the api gets
  6. Do you know how can I do that for 1.15.1? At least, I want to use Eclipse, because I'll have a lot of things to add
  7. I recommend reading the readmes for CB and Spigot.
    They give detailed explanations of how to compile/edit the server platforms.

    Its a decent amount of steps and I don't think anyone here is going to "quickly" explain them to you.
    Not to sound rude but at the end of the day, if all this is too difficult to understand, then you probably should not be editing the server jars
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  8. Thank you so much!
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