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  1. I'm making a faction server and I wonder if you need a custom Spigot.Jar?
    Or can you make a server without that? And If you need a Spigot.Jar how do i get one?
    Please help..
  2. If you want to run plugins, you need a spigot.jar, and for legal reasons, you cannot simply download it, but have to build it. A tool called BuildTools does all the work for you. Detailed instructions can be found on this wiki page.
  3. But i mean if you need a "custom" spigot.jar to reduce lag or something??
  4. I believe Spigot is already pretty efficient. There are some mods out there which claim to offer some improvement, such as PaperSpigot, and I don't know too much about that, but Spigot should be just fine for your purpose. Plenty of us use it on their server with many plugins and without any issues.
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  5. doesn't it lag when ppl make big cannons? etc..
  6. I'm not saying it won't, because that depends entirely on what kind of hardware you're running it on, how it's configured, how many players are going to be on your server, what they all do, and how well the plugins are written. Personally, I haven't had lag issues because people made big cannons. I have had lag issues when many players created rapidly blinking redstone machines, or massive animal farms. All that can be kept in check with some basic maintenance and reasonable limitations.

    I'm saying that as far as speed goes, there is to my knowledge very little out there which could improve over Spigot. Anyone here is welcome to correct me if I'm wrong. ;-)
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  7. Alright, Thank you!
  8. All CraftBukkit mods that are currently common use the same principle: Adding patchs on top of CB in order to improve performance and / or adding some modding interfaces. Spigot is the only official one of those, or at least the only one that is as official as the CraftBukkit builds since 1.8. No matter if you use PaperSpigot, TacoSpigot, Spigot itself or whatever - they differ in nothing but nuances, or specifically, in the patches that they chose to apply or not to apply. If there are patches present in PaperSpigot, but not in Spigot, then there's a reason why the Spigot team chose not to make them part of Spigot (or why the PaperSpigot team chose not to contribute them to Spigot) - all of them are open source. If you choose to use a Spigot fork, you should be aware why the things in this fork didn't make it to Spigot. And there is no way a server software based on patching the original Mojang server can reach other dimensions of performance than itself. A server written from scratch such as Glowstone can, but it might never be as stable as the original server.
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  9. You can fork spigot I guess, and make some paper.