Spigot Custom Structures 1.6.1

Generate Structures from schematics. [1.13.2-1.17.1]

  1. 1.16.1, latest versions of paper, WE and CS. I saved everything in game with the plugin's commands.
    Edit: the structure I tested on was a chest with a vanilla loot table, I was standing right next to it when running the commands.
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  2. I can't seem to reproduce this issue. Can I have your schematic and structure file so I can test it?
  3. ryandw11 updated Custom Structures with a new update entry:

    Bug Fixes

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  4. I made a custom system for structure spawning with a data pack, so nvm.
  5. Does this plugin avoid spawning any structures within a 23x23 chunk area around spawn? I have only CustomStructures 1.5.1 and worldedit-bukkit-7.1.0.jar with paper-379, MC 1.15.2, testing a schematic that spawns every chunk, getting this: https://i.imgur.com/mkj15wq.png

    I haven't found anything in plugin or server configs yet that prevent things spawning around spawn.
  6. The spawn of the world is generated before the plugin is enabled. You can try getting around this using multiverse. Create a world in multiverse. Since the plugin is enabled when multiverse generated the world, structures should be generates. If that worked you can remove multiverse, delete the original world and rename the multiverse world you created to world.
  7. Oh perfect. I use MV anyway. Yep, I updated the configs to generate structures in a new world, and generated that world with the same seed and structures are generating as expected. Then I just moved the region file(s) over. Thanks!
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  8. Good afternoon, I would like to know what is the configuration of placing the biome, since I put the biome but the structure is not generated in that biome, and I followed the same one that you have in the test config in your wiki.
  9. It looks like the biome filter isn't working at all... I have it set so it only spawns in the desert biome, but it's showing up in every biome
    I am running 1.15.2 and using the latest build

    Biome: [DESERT]
  10. Can I make structures automatically spawn next to eachother so that I can make randomly generated villages or dungeons?
  11. I have no idea how to spawn mobs with the structures. any help?
  12. I just found out that you can /copy -e a structure with mobs and it'll spawn in with those mobs.
  13. It would be nice if there was a feature for "downward block filling". What I mean is that when you have a structure such as this house:


    You can see that the house is floating. If there was an option for "FillBlock: <block ID>" in the config or something similar, the plugin would use that block to fill in the space between the structure and ground, so the result will look like this:


    In this case, in the structure.yml there would be "FillBlock: SANDSTONE". Basically how it would work is that it searches for all full blocks (ignoring trapdoors, plants, air, etc...) and it would fill the FillBlock from that block all the way down until it meets another block (except water and lava, so it would not cut the structure and make it floating on water).

    Vanilla structures do that too, and it looks so much more nicer and natural.

    Other than this, the plugin is perfect and I ran in no other issues. Works like a charm with minimum lag, if used with FAWE.
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  14. Could you add an option to spawn mobs (vanilla or mythicmobs) around a structure similar to Minecraft's witch huts? Also do you know if this plugin could get support for Epic world generators biomes?
  15. Hi there; I am having an issue were structures spawn on top of trees or when you set them to have to have a certain sized area to spawn will spawn on top of air blocks.

    The structures are 11 x11 I don’t think that’s too big to work.
  16. Hey, this looks fantastic!! Is there any way to insert-generate structures in a pre-generated world? This would be super duper useful.
  17. I've never seen any of these posts for some reason. I apologize for not reading them earlier.
    Great Idea. I will work on implementing this.

    Interesting, I will look into this.

    There is not as of right now.

    I responded on there.