Spigot Custom Structures 1.5.1

Generate Structures from schematics. [1.13.2-1.16.2]

  1. Which version of worldedit are you looking at? The most recent major build seems to support schematics just fine.
  2. Can you update the plugin code in github, please? I'll give you 5 stars if you can make me this favour.

    Thank you.
  3. If it isn’t updated I will update it later today with the 1.13 pre
  4. How can I have chests within the schematic spawn w/ random loot?
  5. That is not currently a feature. I could attempt to add it in again.
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  6. Will the plugin support .bo2 and .bo3 structures?
  7. I do not know what .bo2 and .bo3 structures are.
  8. 1.3.4 pre-release 2 is out. This version uses World Edit 7.0 or the latest version of FAWE. A full release should be coming in the next week or two. (Thanks to @Anonymous_Dr for contributing code for this version.) Download.
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  9. .bo2 and .bo3 structures both used by Terrain Control and Open Terrain Generator. They work like a normal .schematic but can save entities, place them too and can be modified by hand easily.
  10. It looks like both of those plugins are currently not updated for 1.13. I would prefer using their system for formatting .bo3 files than making my own.
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  11. Hey there,
    I love the plugin idea. I was just wondering if you could add one thing. This may be out of your limits but i think it would be a great addition to the plugin. If you had chests in you structures, and was able to have randomly generated items, that you could choose in the config, in those chests, i think it would add a whole new layer to this plugin!
    Not really sure if i explained this the best but i hope you understand.

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  12. Would like to use this on my server but keep getting these errors in my 1.12.2 console.

    21.10 04:25:39 [Server] INFO (FAWE) =========================================
    21.10 04:25:39 [Server] INFO (FAWE) @CuboidClipboard used by SchematicHandeler.schemHandle():48 is deprecated.
    21.10 04:25:39 [Server] INFO (FAWE) - Alternatives: { class com.sk89q.worldedit.extent.clipboard.BlockArrayClipboard,class com.sk89q.worldedit.extent.clipboard.io.ClipboardFormat }
  13. They're not errors. They are just warnings. It seems like FAWE does not like the way schematics are handled. While the method is deprecated it still works fine.
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  14. hey there love the idea of this plugin.
    I get errors saying the schematic doesn't exist but I have the structure in the plugins\CustomStructures\schematics folder not sure if it needs to be somewere else?

    [00:31:51 ERROR]: [CustomStructures] Error: The schematic Smallruin does not exist in the config!
    [00:31:51 ERROR]: [CustomStructures] For assistance please contact Ryandw11 on spigot.
    [00:31:51 ERROR]: [CustomStructures] The plugin will now disable it self.
    [00:31:51 INFO]: [CustomStructures] Disabling CustomStructures v1.3.4-Pre2
    [00:31:51 ERROR]: [CustomStructures] Error: The schematic file for Smallruin does not exist!
    [00:31:51 ERROR]: [CustomStructures] For assistance please contact Ryandw11 on spigot.
    [00:31:51 ERROR]: [CustomStructures] The plugin will now disable it self.
  15. Can I see your config.yml?
  16. Hello there,
    I am having issues getting this plugin to work on my 1.12 spigot server but it just doesn't want to. I'm hosting a server on server.pro and the only two plugins that I've installed are custom structures and worldedit for bukkit. I have never actually installed plugins soo if there is anyone who would want to help me it would mean a lot to me!

    Also, the server log says this:

    [ERROR] Error occurred while enabling CustomStructures v1.3.3 (Is it up to date?)
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sk89q/worldedit/data/DataException
    at com.ryandw11.structure.CustomStructures.loadManager(CustomStructures.java:57) ~[?:?]
    at com.ryandw11.structure.CustomStructures.onEnable(CustomStructures.java:38) ~[?:?]

    The crash log is longer tho but due to spam recognition I won't be posting the rest on here.
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  17. The plugin can't find worldedit. Is worldedit being enabled properly?
  18. You need WorldEdit 6, have you installed WE 7?