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  1. Is there a plugin or a way to have custom tags above player's heads, like custom text?
  2. You can change the tag with TagAPI, but I think, that changing the tag will also change the skin... Otherwise: Spout works pretty well. You will have to install the client, though.
  3. I use NametagEdit, which utilizes scoreboards instead of playing around with the actual username. The upsides of this plugin are that there's no character limit and there's a nice and simple managing system built right into it, so you can either give certain players a unique tag of their own or even set one per group. The downside of this, if you want to use another plugin that uses that same above head scoreboard, you'll only be able to use one of them.
  4. And you will probably have that number at the left side of the tag. ^^
  5. What number...? o.0
  6. I've decided to use NametagEdit. Thank you for your input!
  7. Also I am not seeing any "number on the left side."
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  8. We are talking about the scoreboard slot "BELOW_NAME", right? I thought, there's no way to actually remove the score from it.
  9. Not quite sure what you are talking about, but it seems to work fine for me without any problems. Also when you use citizens for NPCs if you have a player for a NPC it will carry the colors, prefixes, and suffixes over :)
  10. NameTagEdit or ColoredTags
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  11. NameTagEdit doesn't show the scoreboard on the side, but still changes the username. (If you are referring to the scoreboard with the numbers on the right of your screen)

  12. You could play with teams to change the name.. Just a little idea :)