Solved Custom Textures in 1.8

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Is it possible

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  1. I know you can make items with cusrom textures but I just saw you can make it with 1.9 and upper. Is there way to do it in 1.8
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  2. It's called texture pack (or resource pack)
  3. You can’t have different textures for the same item any different durabilities in 1.8
  4. You can't make custom item textures by using plugins, you always need a resource pack. Once you re-textured a item in your resource/texure pack everyone will see the item as the re-textured version (if they have it installed obviously) however you will always have to override a texture (not sure if it was in 1.8 already but you can also just override certain damage values of items). The non-overriding custom textures were added in 1.14 as far as i know.
  5. I know everything about it but Lots of custom textures API's don't support 1.8(Additions API)
    Every tutorial I found ia just support 1.9+
  6. Probably since 1.9 introduced server resource packs and changes to the model system.
  7. Of course no one want's to support an outdated version. The second reason is that you cannot add features that weren't present at that time.
    Just update.
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  8. "I want to stay on an outdated version and have the features from new version"
    Excuse me, what? why not just update then?
  9. I think I will update to 1.12.2 but ViaVersion supports older versions so Its ok for players yey
  10. Blockbench supports 1.9+. But you can use cubik studio i think it works for 1.8 (worked year ago)
  11. I updated version to 1.12.2 and everything works now
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