Spigot Custom Villager Modifications 1.5.0

Control the entire economy of all villagers on the server.

  1. Will be piglins modification?
  2. Unfortunately Piglins work in a completely different way than villagers, that would include editing loot tables that I have no experience in doing unfortunately. I might take a look in the future, but it wouldn't be part of this plugin unfortunately. :)
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  3. Hey there, possible to add custom enchanted books as well?
  4. No unfortunately the plugin is not made to add things to the trading system, but if the plugin that adds your custom books to the villagers itself then it should be possible to change the price here - though I have never tested.
  5. I'd totally pay for a custom plugin like that!
  6. Xyaafol updated Custom Villager Modifications with a new update entry:

    1.5.0 - Custom Currency Added

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  7. You think this will support 1.17 in the future with the Java 16 Requirement? Might use this in the future.
  8. There will be absolutely no problems with the 1.17 update, I doubt that a new version of the plugin will even be needed currently.
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  9. Does the plugin interfere with "VillagerTradeLimiter" plugin?
  10. Hmm it is compatible, but most of its features cross over with features already in my plugin.
  11. Hi, long story short:
    I have tried this:
    restricted: 1
    change: 1
    xpvalue: 2
    xpscale: 1
    material: EMERALD
    cost: 12
    uses: 1
    + i have added it to "CustomItems".
    But it does not limit the trades of glass panes :(
    Am i doing something wrong?

    Custom Villager Modifications 1.5.0
  12. The plugin works by restricting the item that the Villagers sell, not the items that the player sells to the villager. As there are no trades that villagers have in which they sell glass panes I assume you were trying to change the trade which is the player giving glass panes to the villager for emeralds - this cannot be changed without changing all trades that give emeralds unfortunately. This plugin is only made to increase the prices of the enchanted books and similar items, please see my Premium plugin Villager Overhaul for an option to do this and a lot more to fully overhaul the trading system!
  13. Oh okay, didnt know that. Thanks.
  14. Hi, does this change currently spawned villagers or only fresh ones? I'm just looking for a way to keep the normal villager trade system in place but limit how low the trades can get since by default its easy for players to just get ridiculously cheap trades by healing a zombie villager. Thanks!
  15. The plugin works on all villagers :)
  16. Hello,
    Two questions :)
    1. Is it possible to turn off ALL villager trades EXCEPT for wandering trader only? So to make trading available only with wandering trader?
    2. Is it possible to disable only certain trades for villagers, i.e. for armorer to disable diamond sets but still allowing iron sets?
    Thanks for any answer :)
  17. Does this plugin allow changing other trades as well?

    Can I make villagers sell enchanted iron/chainmail instead of diamond?
  18. Hi! Is it possible to limit the number of times a player can trade with a villager per offer? For example, a villager has X, Y and Z offers, and the player goes with X offer. Afterwards, X offer becomes unavailable forever, even when the player exits and reenters the trading GUI.