Custom World Guard Deny Message?

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  1. I set the "deny-message' flag for a region which only allows Members entry. The deny message that displays though isn't the one I set in the flag, but a default message: "Hey! You are not permitted to enter this area."

    The only flags set for the region are deny-message and entry: deny.

    Am I missing something here? Does the deny-message only relate to specific flags?
  2. The deny-message is for when people try to do something they are not allowed to do.

    You need to use entry-deny-message to set the message for when people can't enter a region.

    So the usage would be: /rg flag [region] entry-deny-message [message]

    For some reason this isn't on the wiki, but you can see all the flags in game by simple just entering an incorrect flag, e.g /rg flag [region] blah.

    Hope this helps! :)
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  3. Thanks xiTango!

    I knew I was missing something, somewhere. :)