Spigot CustomArmor 1.2

Create your own armor with enchants and effects!

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    CustomArmor - Create your own armor with enchants and effects!

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  2. Looks pretty nice and quality. Also nice idea!
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  3. Thanks! It wasn't my idea as it was a plugin request, but I tried my best to make it alright. Didn't take too long to make as well. :)
    EDIT: If you have any suggestions or errors using the plugin leave them here so I can fix or try to implement them :)
  4. Alright, if you read this, if you find any bugs or errors, leave them here or even leave suggestions I will try to check them as much as I can but I am going to study and work on College work for the rest of the week. I will try to get back to you guys as soon as possible, but I have a midterm for one class and much homework for another class. I hope you all can understand :) I'll get back to updating soon!
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    Custom Weapons, new Command, and an Extra new Feature!

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