Spigot CustomCommands 3.2.1

Create unlimited custom commands with several actions ! [1.7-1.15]

  1. Even though I have anti combat logging plugin?
  2. Yes.
  3. Excellent resource, could you please consider updating to 1.9.4 ? Thank you.
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  4. Thanks :)
    It doesn't work with 1.9.4 ?
  5. It doesn't load on 1.9.4 generic error asking if plugin is up to date.
  6. Any update on 1.9.4 ?
  7. Hey, I know some people are looking for an 1.9.4 / 1.10 update, but I'm really busy atm so I'll probablydo it (with a lot of other things) in july.
  8. Should add JSON hover events, redux of permissions and command structure and a visual overhaul (s-shot attached) (in case the image doesn't show: link[​IMG]
  9. ^^
  10. I'm still on 1.9 so if its backwards compatible then i'll be downloading as soon as you update. I'd even pay for the plugin if that's the case ;) (because i love it)

    Son pas la faute des développeurs , ce sont les propriétaires de serveurs
  11. the customcommands autupdate task looks bad in my timings, its pct tick is 877.16% which is a lot could u try to get that task to lagg less?
  12. Any news on the 1.10+ Update? Really want to use this when i update my server but i have until tuesday for final submissions :/
  13. I'm currently working on the update of all of my plugins, but I'll probably not finish tuesday :c
  14. do you have an eta, i will literally push off my update just so i can use your plugin <3
  15. Eta ? o:
  16. Oh, sorry, ETA means "Estimated Time of Arrival" (of the release to 1.10 etc) =D
  17. Ow, okay (english isn't my native language :p). I don't know, I'm currently working on SurvivalMysteryChests (other plugin), but I'll do CustomCommands after that, so maybe 7-10 days max.
  18. Sexy, What would you think about me making you a new tutorial video/main page video for the Updated version for you to swap out Survival Mystery Chests for Custom Commands so that i can be updated sooner? Not desperate just DESPERATE lol
  19. You can make a video if you want, it'd be nice :D but I'll not 'swap' the plugins :3
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