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A CustomGUI plugin with arguments, customization, and more!

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    CustomGUI - A CustomGUI plugin with arguments!

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  2. Im looking for a plugin that I can create my Own Shop using a GUI menu. The idea is that I would have a perk Shop where player in-game can use in-game money to purchase Perks. I would need a plugin in witch The user can click on an item in gui menu have have money sent from there bal into a server account bal. and the plugin will add the permissions node for the perk. I was wounding if this is something that this plugin could do?
  3. This plugin does not currently have a money subtraction feature, but DeluxeMenus might be what you're looking for.
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    Unlimited Items!!!!!

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  5. I really like your plugin! I will try to make a custom punish gui with it. Thanks! (if it works I will leave a positive review)

    Edit: Can you maybe explain in detail how to make a player head with someone's head, If I try it it doesn't seem to work.
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  6. Thanks! Player heads are really annoying and they only show the actual head on the second opening of the GUI with the same person. I’m trying to fix this, sorry.
  7. @Farpe Leather armor colors are now supported! Read the main plugin page.