Spigot CustomHelpMessage 1.6

Set a custom message for /help & /?

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    CustomHelpMessage - Set a custom message for /help

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  2. Yes sir I know that, you can also do it with commands.yml but this is just here to help some new people out :)
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  3. How is this a Bungee - Proxy Plugin? Also wouldn't this interfer with Bukkit /help command? Just curious.
  4. Yes it does but it is not dependent on it. :p
  5. Just a suggestion - instead of using getString() from the config, use getStringList(). That way you can allow users to define a /help with infinite length.
  6. Can you add a perm so when It is used it will show the default essentials / help for people without the permission
  7. I don't suppose there is a way for this plugin to have multiple pages? Other than that this is a must have for anyone looking to break the essentials mold
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  8. Could you make a CustomRulesMessage? Perhaps maybe even add a section divider. What i mean by that is, when you do /rules, you'll see a message showing up(customizable) telling more commands like /rules chat and /rules mods or /rules trade and such. And then we can customize the message inside those commands.
  9. Could you make so when the list gets to long it will automatically give the option of doing "/help 2/3/4/5/..."? And in the config give the availability of editing the the "/help 2/3/4/5/..." Message
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  10. hmm i think the plugin should have a customhelpmessage reload so they i wont have to restart my server every single time i would want to change the configuration on the config.yml... and i dont know why but it only shows on /? and not on /help.. im using bungee and not sure if that's affecting it.
  11. JBS


    Hi, is it possible to add a bypass option for admin?
  12. Some reason the list doesnt come up when I do /help but comes up when I do /?. Can you fix please?
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