Customizeable Hack Detection

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  1. Does anyone know of any really good killaura, fly hacking blocking, spam filtering (the whole package) with automagic staff tattletale? I tried to make my own but it ended up banning us for walking too fast (sprint).
  2. NCP I believe with a good configuration can make an excellent anti-cheat, there is a config that you can buy for like $5 or something.
    I haven't bought it, but from what i've heard, its bloody amazing.
    @MarkElf2204 <3
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  3. Thanks for the tag and support @_FireNinja.

    My NCP configuration can be found also in my signature. I've had Desteria, The Archon, and Fadecloud recently purchase my configuration, and it's been a pleasure working with them all. I am sure that I can configure it to meet your needs as well after purchasing it if you would happen to need any additional changes @ItsJordan.
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  4. I second NoCheatPlus. Especially if you have an awesome configuration like the one made @MarkElf2204.
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  5. I understand that NoCheatPlus is great and all, but to pay for a config? Sounds like a new trend and plus many servers don't have the money for premium stuff..
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  6. LOL
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  7. I understand NoCheatPlus is free.
  8. Paying for configs, much more commonly server setups, isn't new by any means and is actually quite common. I remember someone stating the example of, "why paint your car yourself and have to spend hours figuring out the basics, and making tons of mistakes, when you can pay an expert to do it for you?" or something along those lines. The risk of changing something you are fully unsure about wouldn't be anything new and commonly leads to failure more than success, essentially considering the 'complexity' of the config, which took me months to discover what each component did, on top of additional long hours spend optimizing values to effectively block cheats through a more efficient manner.

    If server owners don't quite honestly have money for premium plugins, I really don't see their servers going far as it also means they don't have money for advertising.
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  9. Wrong player :p
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  10. Sorry man :/
  11. konsolas


    As far as I'm aware, NoCheatPlus does little to block any killaura hacking; you may need one of the premium plugins here / custom for that.

    Any old anti-cheat should do a decent job with fly hacking.

    ChatControl Pro for spam handling.
  12. Is their a link or something you wanted to put here?
  13. konsolas


    There's a search button in the resources section.
  14. Well if you want to have a good server first of all you need a server host and that costs money. So obviously if you are paying for a server you have money. You also need to put money into the server to make it good. If you do that then you can buy some premium things.
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  15. I have purchased your resource and NCP and I enjoy both. But for price and and overall usage NCP wins. Killaura with @MarkElf2204 config is blocked, along with almost everything else. It's better price wise, and for personal preference.
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  16. This guy is the real mvp. I strongly recommend getting his config for NCP. Best I've seen for a long time!
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  17. NCP can from my experience on multiple servers at most block combat cheats, but not properly prevent any actual damage being done (e.g. through banning) - unless you want legitemate players getting banned.
  18. Mark's config is amazing, he managed to have ncp check for kill-aura! :D
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  19. I don't want to buy a config in order to get people banned automatically, there are more simple, free ways to do that much more effectively.
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  20. He has multiple options to his config. Autoban, or autokick or just notifications. It's amazing and effiecent