Spigot CustomMine v1.0

custom drops from breaking blocks.

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    CustomMine - custom drops from breaking blocks.

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  2. Hi,creator.Can you add a feature that prohibits the drop of the block that should have dropped originally?
    Thanks a lot.:)
  3. ermm what u means ? the drop of block drop originally ? mean dropped original item?
    u can config with
    replace-default: false.
  4. I didn't understand,but I understand it now.Thanks a lot;)
  5. PLEASE update this plugin at 1.12.2 OR 1.13 - It is very useful because other plugins that allow you to put different drops in different worlds are not present, and besides here you can also make that thing drop only if there is permission
  6. lolz i still wonder this plugin no one using. wait i free i will look into 1.13 api. and Update for it.
  7. Thank you so much.