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  2. BUG:
    /cmob tool cant use.
    i get the tool but the tool not working
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  3. [19:04:06 ERROR]: [CustomMobs] Trying to get a Name from a LivingEntity that's n
    ot an EntityInsistent.
    [19:04:06 ERROR]: [CustomMobs] Please report the following: PLAYER isn't applica
    ble to EntityInsistent.

    Got this error when player died
  4. @Dong_xD What exactly does not work? The tool does everything in my test-environment what its supposed to do..

    And yea i could've seen that coming with the Playerdeath thingy... will be fixxed in v3.1 - i know what's going wrong and it doesn't have much influence on server performance, so don't worry about that..
  5. Okay:)
  6. What feature doesn't work/do you miss from the tool?
  7. The tool right click or left click no display any thing
  8. Rightclick normal block and leftclick normal block should have no effect.
    Rightclick a custommob spawner displays information about it

    Rightclick a normal mob or custommob displays information about it.
    Leftclicking a normal (not custommob) will start the create-stuff where you'll have to enter a name for the mob in the chat and the mob gets saved with the name you've entered.

    The tool once did display information about regular blocks yea but i removed that since it wasn't that useful anyway...
  9. Oh...
    sorry for not testing seriously...
    does the custommobs spawner work with multiverse support?
    i create a spawner on none default world
    like plotworld it will stop working when restart the server....
  10. It should not i suppose, but i guess if multiverse gets loaded after custommobs, the worlds are still unknown if custommobs tries to load the spawners and thinks like "ok, this world doesn't exist, so i'll just delete the spawner..."

    I guess that might be the issue at that point, but i'm not sure. May i join your server? since i can't (hard to explain... :p) try it with multiverse here on my own?
  11. you can try it on you multiverse:)
    try to create a new world(no default world) with multiverse
    create a custommobs and set a spawner on that world you have created.
    then restart the server
    the spawner on no default world is not working after restart
  12. Yea it is as expected. I'll try to fix that in the next release...
  13. Okay,i will wait for the update;)
  14. I am running spiggot 1.8.5 and am having a strange problem. when I try to do the command /cmob nothing happens. the console is not saying that this is an unknown command... I assumed that it was a permissions thing and gave "custommobs.*" to my group, nothing got fixed. I updated the plugin and followed the instructions carefully to add the .class file to the server jar... still no luck. I don't know how to fix this, Is this a common bug?
  15. you need topatch the file into server jar
  16. how do you do that? i took the jar and added the downloadable content on this site..
    I have added the 3.0 jar to the plugins folder

    and where do api, cmd, data, event, file, helper, inject, lib, nms, reflect, spawning, tool, and util, folders go?
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  17. wrong way @Relish_Relisher - you don't need to patch the custommobs.jar you need to patch your spigot.jar - there is a folder called Patchfiles included in the .rar you've downloaded from mediafire. it's the spigot.jar you have to patch. the patching instructions included in the .rar file tells you how to do that.

    The plugin also tells you what's wrong or why it has an issue starting up.

    Just startup your server once and stop it again - then take a look at the latest.log and there must be something where custommobs says what went wrong.

    The api, ... folders are the folders inside the custommobs.jar - you don't need to do anything with them.

    Also try updating Java on your server to Java 8 if you haven't already. For some reason it fixxed the problems another user had when patching.
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  18. Thanks for being so helpful!
    LOL!!! The software that I am using was not overwriting the files that needed to be overwritten and instead copied the bad file.
    This is seriously a great plugin and thanks for being so helpful. :)