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  1. Hello, so i used spigot protocol hack and no have armor stand can u guys can help a set setCustomName without armor stand? how implement? i check version mineplex use protocol hack. sorry my english
  2. You can always use setCustomName(). What is your question exactly...?
  3. setCustomNameVisible
  4. Are you talking about holograms?
  5. setCustomNameVisible(true) does only work for armorstands in 1.8.x That is a client side issue/limitation.
  6. You could try using an old version of HolographicDisplays or a similar plugin and manually create a hologram above the armour stand.
  7. When player use 1.8 mineplex use armorstand but if player using 1.7 using setCustomNameVisible how mineplex make this?
  8. 1.7.x clients support setCustomNameVisible() for all mobs. So for 1.7.x mineplex and other server's / plugins use horses which age is set so small that they're invisible, I think.
  9. mineplex use armor stand when player join 1.8 and 1.7 use setCustomName i really absolute certainty