Spigot CustomPickaxes 1.2

A Skript in Which has Many Unique Pickaxes

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    CustomPickaxes - A Skript in Which has Many Unique Pickaxes

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  2. What skript folder?
  3. Can't you just make it into a plugin?
  4. If you use a Host go to the FTP Section and open plugins folder, open your Skript Plugin Folder, Open your script folder inside and upload the file.
  5. MPF


    Can u add tent explosive particles when you use any explosive pick axe and Use loves instead of the names this would the the scripts so much better Other than that 4.8 rating
  6. Use loves instead of the names? I will update explosive particles when I have time.
  7. MPF


    Sorry the uses of lores instead of names because it is easier to enchant
  8. For the last part I still don't get what you mean. How is it easier to enchant a pickaxe with a lore in it instead of just a display name on the pickaxe? Or do you just want me to add lores to the pickaxes?
  9. MPF


    It is easier because anvils are funny with cooled names if the name was just explosive pick no colors and with a lore it would be better so no one can get one just by renaming there pick
  10. If you try to rename a pickaxe in the anvil it wouldn't give them one of those picks. Like if you did &0&lSmelter's &7Pickaxe it would be &0&lSmelter's &7Pickaxe with no color.
  11. MPF


    Yes I do not want that thats why I would like it for loses
  12. Nice plugin but can you please allow us to add enchants when getting a pickaxe in the commands and add a custom name and lore. For example.

    /custompickaxe Purification [Username] Name:Testing lore:Test|Tool Efficiency:5 fortune:20