Spigot CustomRecipe 2.3

lets you to make your own recipe

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    CustomRecipe - lets you to make your own recipe

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  2. you can use this for bugs and many more

    just consider 2 things if you had some bugs

    1. submit console logs with [code.tab]
    2. submit any picture or videos if you want.
  3. /cr create <recipeName> it will open a GUI

    sorry for no pictures.

    I appreciate if you add ones.
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  4. Hey it says for 1.8.8 Spigot, NoSuchField Error for BLOCK_NOTE_PLING
  5. sorry for interuption but this isn't tested yet at 1.8 but I'll try to fix it right now.
  6. You should make it where if someone wants to see a custom recipe, they just hit a sign instead of typing a command as-well. This plugin is amazing though I deff. recommend it.
  7. What a guess :D thanks for suggesting but that thing is already in my mind and working through.

    but yet doesn't had free time but I'm sure I can do this one.
  8. Okay :d when?
  9. sorry to let you keep waiting dude the bug is nothing happens if you click the sign with colors that's what I'm fixing, wondering what was the solution when the lunch and / or break time came.
  10. youre good, just seeing haha lol :p
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  11. Thanks dood.
  12. Hey i have had to remove your plugin for the time being sue to a bug. If a player shift clicks an item from the gui recipe they get that item in thier inventory. When this is fixed ill then be able to add it back again as its a game breaking bug really.
  13. when it happened ? creating inventory right ?