Spigot CustomRecipe 1.1

Create custom crafting and furnace recipes!

  1. terturlcraft submitted a new resource:

    CustomRecipe - Create custom crafting and furnace recipes!

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  2. Nice plugin !
    It's easy to use and it consumes almost anything, just perfect.
    You could improve it by putting a number to each recipe creation as it could remove the third recipe for exemple, directly in game ;)

    PS : ( I'm french, I don't write English very well ^^ )
  3. Hi !
    When the ItemMeta will be added ?
    I need this :/
    If you no longer update you're plugin can you give me the source code ?
  4. I'm sorry, I am getting on that in about 2 days. I have had some problems and conflicts in the real world but I will start this up here in a bit!
  5. Oh no problem , life above all ^^ and in any case thank you in advance :p
  6. No more development ?