Spigot CustomReport 1.2

This plugin allows you to, Report a player for doing something there not ment to

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    Report | /report - Report is a small plugin. Greate For BIg server and Small Server!

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  2. What does the plugin provide over a pm or a general ticket system?
  3. Just over a PM because i test everything on my live server
  4. I mean: what makes your plugin better than using a pm or ticket system?
  5. Ohh ok because i try to make plugin(s) that the big servers have so it is easyer for staff to ban people and when "staff member" see the "report" they can check it out. Because some staff members don't really like talking to players on some server
    If you get what i am trying to say
  6. Nice I'm gonna download it
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  7. Thank you i hope you enjoy it if there anything u think i should add just tell me
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