Daemon Error (Cannot Get log) Console won't work

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  1. Hello people of Spigot. I recently changed my Eternity Server on multicraft to spigot 1.8.8 from craftbukkit 1.8.1. I only had the plugins essentials, and Crackshot gun plugin. I Changed it to spigot one night and I was configuring and it was working all fine and I decided to go to sleep. I woke up the next morning to play again, and I had a massive error. The control panel of multicraft said the server was loading, and when I try to click the stop button it says this, "Cannot connect to daemon. (110: connection timed out). So I thought I could fix the problem through the console. I went to the console button and it took me there. The log was empty except for this: "Couldn't get log: Cannot connect to daemon (110: connection timed out). I would try to type a command in and it would keep saying the same thing as an error message. I cant access the FTP file access or the plugin list, or configs. So my server Is completely out of reach right now for me. I have attached what my console looks like. Please please please, someone help me.

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  2. I assume this has been fixed?
    If not, contact your host regarding this issue. It looks like their Multicraft daemon isn't running.