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    Daily Parkour ✔ (1.8-1.12.2) ✔ - Daily maps, daily challenge, daily fun, daily parkour!

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    Some placeholders!

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  3. Can people edit the signs make them look different also make it now show [DP] maybe [PARKOUR]
  4. That's currently not a feature, but sounds like a good idea. I'll add that in the next update (maybe tonight). Thanks for the suggestion! Always appreciated :)
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    Added file default loading + german translation

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  6. Any test server or anything like that where we can see this in action?
  7. I'm trying to get a video made for the plugin. Hopefully one of the youtubers I contacted will reply soon! If you have any questions about functionality I can for sure answer them.
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  8. Hey! I've just got a video made, check it out on the overview page under the graphic. :)
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  9. Best Plugin ever

    I think everyone on the server is coming to be happy now nor we get a parkour that you can make money on

    Good plugin It's a plugin that can help servers and get more players and this plugin I think more big servers come to start using

    We use that plugin on our server and I wondered if you could add us in to the box that says what servers are using that pluginip is
  10. hi i found a bug i see the video where you see what i mean

    I have made 2 parkours but how can I put a sign so that you can joine nr2 for then writing on a sign where it says [dp] join then join the nr1 and not nr2
  11. Hello, thanks for the video. I replied to you in PMs, so please check there so I can help resolve this issue.
  12. We thought we could have multiple parkours, one easy, on medium and one hard on Our server. But could you make it possible to make multiple maps?
  13. Hey, sorry if you misunderstood the plugin, but basically the plugin only allows one map to be played per day. So basically, you can have as many maps as you want, but only one will be randomly selected (or forced by an admin) to be played per day. The map will automatically change if there are more than one maps everyday. Adding that feature would sort of defeat the purpose of this plugin, and it's unique factor. There are many other parkour plugins you can get to achieve that goal, but this plugin still works as a great daily reward feature for your players.
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