Spigot Daily Rewards 1.3.7e

Reward your players after a configured cooldown runs out.

  1. EpicBlue11 submitted a new resource:

    Daily Rewards - Reward your players with a command daily. Customisable rewards.

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  2. Are you aware that this name is already used?
  3. Yeah, I might want to change it Daily Rewards+ - but then again, tons of plugins have reused names. Grekt? Grekt.
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  4. EliteDuck


    How much would it cost to sponsor your plugin?
  5. You're willing to pay a kid to sponsor a plugin after he said "Grekt"?
  6. Any amount :)
  7. EliteDuck


    Depends on how much he will put it on his plugin page for. SEO is king.
  8. EliteDuck


    Does $0.50 USD sound good?
  9. Sounds perfect :) Our paypal email: [email protected] < whats the IP to your server?
  10. EliteDuck


    I would prefer a link to my communities website if possible, (http://rainbowkiwi.com). This is due to it being whitelisted.
  11. Sounds great! Let me know when you send the 50 cents :)
  12. Are you aware that many other plugins that are mainstream(something such as this) use the same name as well..?

    o and
    as well as all i've found is

  13. Seems pretty nice. It can run any configurable command it looks like? I'll use it for my server when it releases if so.
  14. Yes - it supports any command, also it is already released, download it here: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/daily-rewards.16708/
  15. haha lmfao, my bad :)
  16. I am missing some GUI :/
  17. As of now there is no GUI in this plugin, that feature is still in development.
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  18. Hope it will be added soon