Spigot Daily Shop Free | Random items Shop | Customizable items, timer, NBT support and more! 3.5.9

Advanced shop plugin with daily offers, dynamic prices, stock, mutiple-economies and more!

  1. I can't rename the price in the anvil for some reason, so I can't change the price and also What is the multiplier for ?
  2. Hi! I'm aware of that bug and currently recoding all the plugin to fix some issues and performance. The multiplier is, for example, if you have a ton of items added and for example want to double the price of all the item and don't want to change the price 1 by 1, you can set the multiplier to 2, but again this feature 'll be replaced for permissions instead of global
  3. when is the plugin expected to be updated approximately?
  4. in about a day
  5. Divios updated Daily Random Shop with a new update entry:

    Huge update (recode entire plugin)

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  6. Still looking forward to only 1 of an item being allowed to be bought ;)

    I only want 1 of each item to be purchased by players, but minimum seems to still be 2 items for limited-items.. :cry:

    Setting to "1" lets people buy as many as they want. Infinite items :(
  7. hi! The new update adds this feature, just put 1 on the anvil Gui that appears and you are good to go
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  8. zsd


    The Chinese language file should del '\u547D\u4EE4\u5DF2\u5378\u8F7D',I'm plan to give a translate file doesn't add new function.
    I think don't need it now.
  9. Hi yeah just realized that, soon ll be deleted
  10. Hello, love the new uptade, is it possible to disable the tiers showing in the lore of the items? I don't want to show them to my players.
  11. hi! yeah, you can disable them turning off the rarity option on the config
  12. The raritys are good, I meant the text in the item lores, but I found it. :D
  13. The confirm gui won't open, it is a instant purchase. but i enabled the confirm gui?
  14. Hi! Is very likely that you enable the amount feature for that item
  15. Yes, but i still want that confirm menu?
  16. Divios updated Daily Random Shop with a new update entry:

    Bug fixes

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  17. When I sell items it removes my money instead of adding. It sends the message telling me that the items have been sold but when I check my balance I have less money than before.
  18. When are you planning to return to working with MMOItems? This is one of the most basic points for me