Spigot Daily Shop Free | Random items Shop | Customizable items, timer, NBT support and more! 3.5.8

Advanced shop plugin with daily offers, dynamic prices, stock, mutiple-economies and more!

  1. Divios updated Daily Random Shop with a new update entry:

    Fixed Bugs

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  2. :unsure:One axe need 5000$,but bought two axes...Only need 0$!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. By the way,can you add the discount or something like limited time to buy?And add a timer to show when the shop refresh.

    Animal Crossing...:cry:I want to play it so much,but i have no Switch to do that.
  4. Divios updated Daily Random Shop with a new update entry:

    Huge update (MMOItems support)

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  5. Divios updated Daily Random Shop with a new update entry:

    Bug fixes

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  6. ops i got problems when i add mmoitem consumable it wont add cuz item is getting consumed instantly on right click and items which i add from it has fixed stats when normal dropped items have random number of damage/attack speed etc.
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  7. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to make a suggestion, but shops for each players separately. Like player A got an apple in the shop, but player B was lucky and can buy a diamond sword and there would be an item, like a stone, so you can reroll your shop.
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  8. idk how this happend but it happend i added meteor hamer with repeir ability but in dailyshop its showing no lore and there is 2 same item i mean that orange potion one of that potion dont have a lore but all effects and other one is looking as it should be.

    2021-01-04_09.57.48.jpg 2021-01-04_09.57.58.jpg 2021-01-04_09.58.01.jpg
  9. Mmm in the near future I don’t think so, but who knows, I may try something on those lines someday
  10. Hi! With the last update it should support all types of items :D, sorry for the late response.. for some reason spigot didn’t notify me..
  11. Oh I see, you mean like categories right? This is something I wanted to do but I’m having a hard time figuring out how to do it, not how to code but how to make it properly fit in the plug-in, but it’ll we added :D

    The option to open the shop upon opening a chest, barrel... I don’t think it’ll be implemented because there are other plug-ins that already allow to run commands on block hit, but is not impossible and is a good idea

    Same with npcs, citizens have the option to run commands on hit, so you could open the shop for them
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  12. Hi! This is fixed in the last update :D
  13. Mmm the consumable thing I may be able to fix, probably mmoitems have the event set on hight priority so it overrides my event

    For the second thing, I didn’t think of that! I should add an option that when the item is purchased, instead of giving the item saved on memory, creates a new item from zero. This only ll be possible if it is a mmoitem.

    I’ll send you a message when I finish it to test it for me if you can, I myself don’t have mmoitems so I can’t test it...
  14. Mmm did this just happened with that item only?
  15. Mmm is not a bad idea but is a little crazy. With that feature I’ll have to save every shop from all players and also a timer linked to them. Reloading the config means to itinerate through all shops and updating them... everything ll turn really heavy. I’ll think about it though but in large servers could be really crazy and laggy
  16. Hi, the discount on items is a really good idea! I’ll think how to add it