Spigot Daily Shop Free | Random items Shop | Customizable items, timer, NBT support and more! 3.5.8

Advanced shop plugin with daily offers, dynamic prices, stock, mutiple-economies and more!

  1. And sorry about that, spigot didn’t notify me..
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  2. only that orange potion had no lore only effects and meteor hammer also i think it happends when plugin automaticly renovate items i never noticed same with command. ofc i will test for u :)
  3. zsd


    Purchased items can‘t stacked.can you add minecraft enchanted display on other language?
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    Fixed Bugs

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  5. zsd


    For me only worked 1.12.3.Shopping confirm is error
  6. Hi! The new update fix this, sorry for that
  7. It doesn't work. i cant use the commands. i need help
  8. Hi! Did you make sure to have the right permissions? Also was exactly does not work?
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    Minor Changes

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  10. Having a similar issue, it just says "an internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command" the command I used was /randomshop

    I am the server manager for this and admittedly new to modding minecraft so not sure if there was more than loading the mod in to the plugins and unpacking as there is no installation guides that I can find to easily
  11. Hi! No problem, I just updated a new wiki here https://divios.gitbook.io/daily-random-shop/. But if you are new to this, every plug-in that uses economy will need vault and an economy plug-in, I recommend essentialsX. When that is installed, the plug-in ll work correctly
  12. How can I make players sell anything they want without "Ey, we dont accept that item on the market
  13. Hi! You have to manually add items and prices, you can do so with /rdshop addSellItem {price} with the item you want to be added on hand. Then you can see all the items added with /rdshop settings and click on sell items
  14. Does Essentials worth work with this plugin?
  15. Currently no but is a really good idea, i might add a converter or something similar to migrate it to the plugin
  16. Have a new idea, item tiers, to make some items appear more often than others. Like common, , uncommon, epic and legendary tiers. Common would appear more often than the others, uncommon would appear more often than epic and legendary. This would be a cool addition.
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    More language support & Bug fixes

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  18. upload_2021-1-9_18-37-33.png
    Seems like mythicmobs item lore may break in the latest version.
    the items still function, they just do not look good anymore.

    The lore is configured as '&7Dolhpins grace II for 30 seconds.' in the mythicmobs config if you are wondering.
    Felt like letting you know before making a review would be best, hope that this can be fixed so I can run the plugin on my server!