Spigot DailyRewardsGUI [1.9 - 1.14] - Increase player retention 1.3.3

Reward players for joining multiple days!

  1. Thanks for the plugin, it's gorgeous!
  2. Hey ! Using spigot 1.12.2 there is a problem with your plugins :
    (It happens when we open the GUI)

    Another problem for people who are using Authme :
    When we connect; we can't /login or do something else, as the menu try open every 1s. Maybe add a delay to open the GUI, or disable the auto open of the GUI and only open it by a command.
  3. Can you please make an additional rewards only for player who have permission?
  4. anyway to set the days like daily, weekly, monthly etc
  5. in config

    increase amount of days
  6. I want the number of days to be counted by date rather than by 24 hours.
  7. Hey ! Possible to unlock next reward not 24h after the first but at midnight ?
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  8. Could you make it so that you can specify after how many hours you can claim the next reward? When its set to 24 hours it usually snowballs cause you will always claim it a little bit later during the day, compared to the day before.
  9. Hello, Can you add permissions to get x2 x3 daily rewards? Thanks!
  10. Can you add configuration to allow players to enter the server if they do not get a reward to remind him to get a reward, the information can be customized.
  11. When you don’t have your own original idea and copy someone else’s resource, design style, and branding. This is cute. (y)
  12. and make it working :ROFLMAO:
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  13. The original plugin (mine) works perfectly fine. Yours doesn’t have half of the features but whatever you say. I like how you didn’t include the whole non-original part of the quote as you literally just went to my resource and did ctrl/cmd-c and pasted it. I get it, it’s hard to think for yourself and be creative sometimes. ;)
  14. Your 'half' of the features are useless and pretty stupid like 'Editing item names', really? :ROFLMAO:.
    I just replicate it for free because it doesn't costs the price you put ^^