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Complete RPG System, Custom items, Custom Characters and new enchantments!

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    Damocles - A complete server-side RPG system.

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    Character specific inventories.

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  3. Ahhh the Return of the K Project plugin! Hope to see great things from this.
  4. Ah thanks.
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    Removed vault dependency.

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  6. I push updates on the smallest things as they come, including GitHub and the Resource. The plugin is meant to be placed in a blank server and act as a playable RPG, with custom models, items, mobs, and game mechanics. Currently the entire damage system of minecraft is recoded inside this plugin. This although is destined to break in higher version because Spigot is planning to remove DamageCause methods that are utilized in this plugin. Which means a recode around that is going to take a while. Something I plan on worrying about when I come to it, but, I have being ignoring modifying my custom combat for that reason to lessen the work load. After the Character soul system is done, and major character mechanics like Saving, enderchest, inventory, bank values and levels I will be moving on to custom arrows, potions, spells and the ability system. Everyone interested in this plugin I recommend following the resource, when I finish and have a 100% complete base plugin I plan on getting a "test" or "official" server for people to be able to play the RPG system without running their own private server. After finishing all values, exp rates, anvil prices, money drops from mobs will allow complete customization. Giving players access to their very own WynnCraft or DungeonRealms. With custom models. Any weapon models, weapon ideas, or plugin ideas is HIGHLY recommended here. In the discussion section and to get a hold of me with any questions just tag me here on spigot.
  7. @kowagatte Does the plugin support MC 1.11.2 currently or will that be in a later update?
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  8. Supports latest version of minecraft every build. The plugin only ever works on the latest version of Spigot. So if a new version of spigot comes out the plugin will be updated ASAP.
  9. I am running the 1.11.2 version of spigot on my test server and when logging in with my account, encounter spam from this error only after having Damocles enabled http://pastebin.com/jWp4mfw5 not quite sure what the cause is.
  10. You only have Damocles enabled and the latest version of spigot?
    Can you tell me what files were generated in plugins/sevenkings folder.
  11. I have other plugins, because it is a test server I am testing/configuring multiple plugins at the same time. Does it need to be running by itself? But this is all that shows up in the config folder http://image.prntscr.com/image/460b19c7bd9142e79ccb2117110a312e.png might i make the suggestion that player accounts be in a folder of their own, I imagine if a full server ran this plugin the way it is, things would get pretty messy pretty fast if all the accounts files generated in the main folder.
  12. Yea, I will make separate folders for character files in a later build. Stop your server, delete the sevenkings folder, delete your playerdata folder in your world folder, restart your server and join.
  13. The problem is that it cannot generate your character files, since there should be 4 files per player. Because it thinks you have already joined the plugin before. I will fix this later but to temp fix it just delete your playerdata folder in your world folder, delete the sevenkings folder and restart the server. And join
  14. I have to fix, adding option to disable the use of ActionBarAPI to stop spam from trying to access an API that is not present, Fixing loading of character files when a player has joined before the plugin was installed, and the error spit out when a character first joins and did not have a inventory before hand. Fixing all of this right now.
  15. @Ignisflame Use the latest update, And have ActionBarAPI in your plugins folder and you should encounter no errors.
  16. @kowagatte It seems things are working now with no errors on startup, logging in is possible, character and name select works great. Some things I do notice may need some fixing, /cardinal gives internal errors same with unfinished rune commands. I attemped to use /rune aegis 5(level) 100(success rate) 0(destroy rate) which doesn't seem to register either the numbers given or that aegis is a rune that can be made. if all 3 number values are not entered it will give an internal error. Same goes with other incomplete commands

    Using /stats brings up the menu but it doesn't seem to be possible to allocate skills/stats currently as the button doesn't do anything, which I am assuming is a bug because the overview page says Stats are currently implemented though it says nothing about skills which makes the allocate-able skill points useless. Also in chat when you type /stats if you are unclanned it should probably say "You don't currently belong to a Clan" rather than "You belong to the Unclanned clan" which just looks funny to read.

    As for other Admin commands it seems, despite being opped on the server with * perms on my groupmanager rank I am unable to use /money and /heal because only gamemasters can use these commands. Although I can use /rune without the same message showing up aside from the internal errors. I can set myself as gamemaster via /rank set (player) gamemaster but that should be a rank given to opped players by default I think. There are also no listings of available ranks on the main page so figuring out the gamemaster rank was just a wild guess on how that feature worked on my end. There also seems to be a /serialize command built into the plugin but I'm not sure what it does as nothing seemed to happen ingame, in the console, or in the config folder?

    This seems to be everything I have noticed so far with my testing of the plugin, hope this all helps with fixing some things!

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