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  1. Hello Spigot Staff,
    This has probably been suggested at some point. but if not, I was wondering if Spigot will ever add a dark theme as the current theme is a little too bright for me and I would love to see a darker theme!

  2. You get access to more themes by donating at least $10. Not sure if there is a night theme as I haven’t donated any money.

    Alternatively, if you are on Google Chrome or Firefox, the Stylish extension offers several community made dark themes for Spigot.
  3. Oh, I did not know about that, thanks for the information. I rather not download any extensions as they usually slow down the browser. Thanks tho
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  4. eqx


    @md_5 @Thinkofdeath I would be willing to make a dark mode theme if you send me the basic template to work from I think it would be a good addition for donators.
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  5. They removed it because of issues.

    Dont tag them like that, they will see it without pinging.

    And let me save what will md_5 say: Who pays?
  6. Im pretty sure many people from this community will make it for free. If not, I will do it for free and then present it. All I/we need is the theme being used to be able to modify the colors
  7. There are already dark themes on stylus, install it and get one if you want. I dont think md_5 will add some of the dark themes from stylus, or add a custom one created from us, but idk
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  8. I think they removed an old one they had before (From what I heard)
    But there is still a theme chooser for donators


    But as its already been stated, none of them are a "dark" theme, they are mostly just variations of the regular theme. As you can see Im using the april fools them, its just the same theme as the default one, just everything is blue.

    I think its ok to tag md if you are offering something. As for the other guy, well I'm pretty sure he is no longer living, so his profile is now inactive.

    The same money that pays for everything else. Donations.
    If md_5 thinks its practical he will use it.

    But people would have to realize if they added a dark theme, it would be accessible by donors only, just the same as the other themes.
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  9. MiniDigger


    Dark reader for chrome and you will never have issues with bright websites every again <3
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