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Use this to find people on your server that could potentially be using X Ray!!

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    Dash Rays X Ray Detector - Find X Rayers by getting notified about the blocks they break!

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  2. PawPawDude


    Hi, just trying to figure out why DashXray didn't notice my xray activity on my test server (Paper 1.14.4). Fact is, I'm not using a Forge mod, rather a client mod from here: https://www.minecraftforum.net/members/DromarLeBanisseur/posts and video here:

    As an xray mod it works very well and fast, and without the Forge overhead. But DashXray didn't flag anything about it, put out any messages, etc. I even added ores like Coal and Iron to the watch list... no response when staring (xray style) at tons of ores. Anyway, I mention all this in case you might want to examine why Dash's method doesn't catch this particular approach to doing xray vision.

  3. You do realize that you must not have the permission that allows you to get those notifications while mining such blocks right? If you still are convinced of your incorrect claim then perhaps test it on a player. Players without this permission will be flagged and any of the staff on the server with the notify permission will be notified about their actions.
  4. PawPawDude


    I did not realize I needed a permission to get the notifications, because I was op. I'm off now to try the permission. Thanks.
  5. No problem, thank you for testing it though, I truly appreciate it.
  6. PawPawDude


    Ok, I reinstalled DashXray, gave myself `dashrays.notify` permission, and restarted the server. I then had a non-permissioned regular non-op player log on w/ the mentioned xray mod and use it to see many ores of all types. The player did not collect any of the ores, only saw them, many at a good distance from 1 to perhaps 30-40 blocks away. There were no notifications sent either to the console or to any player, including me. Just letting you know.

    I mentioned originally that the xray mod in question is a non-Forge mod, in case that triggers a thought for you.

    So, if I may ask, what are the triggers for a notification? How do they work? Does it require mining the ores, or just seeing them in xray mode? Other triggers?

    I'm happy to help test further if you require.

    I'm *not* running BungeeCord, if that matters.
  7. This makes no sense. The listener literally checks for blocks that are being broken. You can be an operator, the one breaking the blocks just can not be one. Like the description suggests. I had made this for another server, and it works. Are you sure you have typed /dashray toggle to turn it on? You must enable the notifications for yourself. I am going to check my description to see if it does not point this out.

    EDIT: My bad, I did not put that in my description, I did now though, again, my apologies for this.
  8. PawPawDude


    Ok, it wasn't clear how the algorithm works, but as you say it monitors block breaking, not the actual xray effect (i.e. block visibility). I did a quick test (breaking lots of ores w/ xray on), but got no messages, but then I don't know what the threshold or conditions are for the monitoring/notification. If I (or any user) knows how it works, it could be tested efficiently. Then again, maybe it's not cool to disclose how it works in order to prevent xrayers from trying to workaround the monitoring. :)
  9. The block-breaking is server side, which means the X-Ray client can in no way work around this.

    You should try typing "/dashray toggle" to make sure it is turned on. If it still proceeds to not process you breaking the blocks then I may have to check the source out.

    Keep in mind, the one with the permission to receive the notifications will not be flagged, those who do not have the permissions will get flagged.

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    -Improvements and a lot of fixes.

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