Spigot Dashies Player CAPTCHA -Advanced 1.8

Put up a captcha for any of those who enter your server!

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    Dashies Player CAPTCHA -Advanced - Put up a captcha for any of those who enter your server!

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  2. Hope to support 1.12!
  3. Unfortunately it does not as of now. Due all the changes in the Spigot API 1.14.4. Certain things are not recognized in 1.13 and bellow.

    However, I am planning to update it this after noon.

  4. After some major testing have I found several issues with this plugin, I am solving them as we speak, please be patient <3
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    Big Update

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  6. Hi, first of all, i would like to congratulate you for a great plugin!
    I've got a question/suggestion, is it there any way to translate the item names?

    I really appreciate that the majority of the messages are translatable, but the problem is that the item names remain in english and its hard for some none english speaker users passing the Captcha. It would be great if we could change that.

    Thanks for the attention!
  7. Hi there, the item names are all changeable in the newer release of the Captcha plugin, as I had replied with in response to your review.

    -Kind regards,
  8. Many thanks for the attention and the fast update. You are great!
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