Solved Data value of Quartz Slab (It's STEP:7)

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  1. So I tried doing this:
    Code (Text):
    But this gives me brick slab and according to the Minecraft ID list 7 is for quartz slab and STONE_SLAB but cannot find any of that so had to use STONE_SLAB2

    Please help me with this issue... What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks in Advance,
  2. To find the material and data value of quartz in Spigot you can make a simple command that puts the material and data value of the item you are holding in chat. Then just hold a quartz slab in your hand and run the command. I'm not sure exactly how to fix your issue if the ID list says 7 is quartz, but that is a way you could find out.
  3. Try the ID as either 7 or 15
  4. Material.STEP? (or it was STONE_STEP, not sure)
  5. I'll try step now but its'nt step like stairs?
  6. as said I tried them both only diffrence is that the brick slab either goes on the bottom half or the top half.
  7. Can you show the exact code you are using to set that data?
  8. From the URL you sent it states:

    44:7 Quartz Slab

    Thus I thought it be "STONE_SLAB2"
    But STEP worked! Thank you a bunch MegaMichiel!
    Just out of curiousity where did you find that it stated STEP and not STONE_SLAB?

  9. @Goofan first time: Decompiling.
    Now: I just know
  10. Alright thank you tho helped me so much :D
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