Database type Essentials-ish plugin?

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  1. Hey guys, do people use essentials without any database? I feel like YML files can take a lot of space, especially since EssentialsX saves a lot of data per player and some player are one time joiners. If you know about any plugin similar to essentialsX with a database let me know. :)
  2. There’s this plugin, which adds MySQL support to Essentials(X)
  3. The reviews scare me lol
  4. Bump? Any opinion?
  5. I don't think you should even consider it as a problems. Files are very small, just a few hundred bytes. There's ~16k files in my userdata directory, and it's just 35 mb.
  6. If you use Linux you can add this to your to remove old and unusable EssentialsX files
    I don't know how it works for Windows

    Code (YAML):
    find plugins/Essentials/userdata * -mtime +15-exec rm {} \; echo "Deleting Essentials user files older than 15 days..."
    It is absurd to use an alternative like MySQL for EssentialsX unless you want to do it across servers. :unsure:

    .../playerdata/ stores the same or equal number of files as .../userdata/ from EssentialsX